Rally O


Graduated from Basic Obedience but not really ready to give Canine Good Citizen a shot and Competition Obedience not quite your thing, then how about giving Rally-O a go. Think of it as Orienteering for dogs. Held at present on Monday nights at the club ground at 6pm. Our Rally-O Instructor is Elizabeth Parnell, contact Elizabeth on 021 298 9890 for more info.

Elizabeth Parnell (Instructor)
Hi my name is Elizabeth and I have been a member of Taupo Dog Club since 1997, when I took my first dog, a Cairn Terrier, through basic obedience classes.At the time my dog was one of the smallest in the class and when I began agility he was only one of two ‘mini’ dogs doing competitive agility. Over the years the pull towards having smaller dogs in agility gained in popularity and now the club has more mini dogs doing agility than some of the bigger breeds. I still have a Cairn Terrier but I also own a German shepherd. Guess which one is top dog around the house!!!???

Training dogs doesn’t stop after puppy pre-school at the vet clinic – it is an on-going daily ritual. Like children you need to keep on top of training constantly, dogs like routines but they also need boundaries and if we want to enjoy our dogs and feel proud of our canine friends we need to know how to handle them.

Elizabeth Parnell – Life Member

Jackie Smith (Instructor)

l have been around dogs most of my life. My parents had various breeds during my childhood, including an lrish Setter called Rhu with whom l had a special bond, all as pets.

ln 1982 my husband bought our first German Shepherd (Sheba) as a pet but I soon got hooked on Obedience and Agility.

We bought our first show dog Kristy (German Shepherd) in 1985 and bred 2 litters totaling 22 puppies. We kept a bitch of each litter and attended Breed Shows over the years as well as Obedience and Agility being members of the South island GSD Club.  During my time with the German Shepard League, I was involved in training all three disciplines and served on the committee.
My GSD Chelita and l worked up to A and B in Obedience and gained our CDX and ADX.

ln 1994 l obtained my first ShihTzu (Tai Chi) and in 1995 my own lrish Setter (Rebel). ln 2002 we moved to Taupo from Christchurch, and in 2003 Tai Chi’s son Fu Chang was born, with him l joined the Taupo Canine Obedience Club puppy class. l am now involved in training the introductory Rally-O class and helping with the Foundation Agility.

Jackie Smith – Life Member.