Frequently Asked Questions


Before contacting the Club, please read:

How do I apply for membership?

Applications to join the club open at various times throughout the year to coincide with our classes; you can join the club here 

Your membership will be renewable annually.

Once you are a member, you are automatically bound by the Club’s Constitution and Rules.

Under the Club’s Constitution, all applications for membership are decided by the Committee. If your application is approved, you will become a member of the Club and be bound by its Constitution and Rules If your application is rejected, the Committee will notify you as soon as practicable and refund any funds you may have paid as part of the application process. The Committee meets on the second Monday of each month, except January.

How much does it cost to be a member?

First Year
Individual membership – $90 (includes Training Fee for one dog for first Term of membership).

Family membership – $90 (includes Training Fee for one dog for first Term of membership.)

Family membership is for two or more handlers residing at the same address.

Subsequent years
Individual Membership is $60 per annum
Family Membership is $60 per annum

Other than for first Term for new membership, there is a $20 Training fee each Term for each dog that you register for training.

How do I renew my yearly Membership Fee?

You will receive a Membership Renewal notice from our Treasurer when your Membership Renewal is due, and you can renew here

Bank details for payment are as follows:
TDTC Account No is: 03-0430-0245788-00

Individual Membership is $60 per annum
Family Membership is $70 per annum

What is my commitment to the club if choose to become a member?
  • To pay fees on time.
  • To be punctual at all training sessions and advise instructors if unable to attend training sessions.
  • To help provide assistance at annual agility and obedience shows, if or when required
  • Participate in club functions, fundraising and working bees when required.
    To be understanding of the clubs commitment to Dogs NZ
  • To take responsibility for the care of the club and its equipment.
  • Take responsibility for the care of your dog’s health and well-being.
    To commit to the club’s core values, mission and rules.
What are the Taupo Dog Training Club commitments to the member?
  • To communicate with all members.
  • To keep the club social, friendly and comfortable.
  • To treat all club members fairly and equally.
  • To give club members the opportunity to input ideas and provide confidential avenues for the raising of grievances.
  • To support all club members in their dog training goals.
  • Ensure that club decisions are for the benefit of the club.


When can I start classes?

Check out our Term Dates here. Our classes are conducted over a nine-week period, and we run four terms of classes each year, with a break between terms.

When you join the Club you are entitled to attend classes in as many activities per week in a Term as you wish, with each dog that you have paid a Training Fee for.

How much does it cost for a training class?

The amount you are required to pay will depend on the number of dogs you enrol in training classes.

The training fee is $20 per dog per term – you can enroll your dog in as many different classes as you want for this money i.e agility, scent work, CGC and obedience.

How do I register to attend training classes?

Note this is separate registration to being a club member – it is a two step process, one yearly and one per term

You must apply to join the Club first and then register for any training class that you wish to participate in. You do this online via the training registration form

Training classes fill up fast, we do not take a waiting list for classes, so watch social media or check our events calendar for registration opening period.