Basic Obedience

Level 1

Level 1 introduces the foundation level of teaching your dog practical skills, such as walking on a lead without pulling, settling on a mat, sitting and lying down when directed, coming when called, staying in position when told and socialising appropriately with others dogs and people.

Level 2

Level 2 builds on the exercises and training learned in Level 1, increasing the standard of performance, extending the practical skills, learning how to communicate more effectively with your dog and providing mental stimulation for both of you.

The aim of the training over the two levels is to prepare you and your dog to go on to other dog sport activities, such as Canine Good Citizen, Rally-O, or Competition Obedience.


Register for Level 1 dogs need to be aged six months and over; consider our puppy class if your dog is below that age.

Level 2 dogs must have passed Level 1 class.

Dogs must be fully vaccinated to join a class.

Handlers under the age of 16 must seek prior approval from the appropriate coordinator before registering. As a club, we strive to ensure that our handlers maintain control over their dog while at the training grounds; therefore, junior handlers will be assessed on a case by case basis each term.

Obedience classes are held on Tuesday evenings, starting at 6:00 pm. There are sometimes classes offered on weekends, but this depends on demand.

Variety Class

If you want to continue with training with your dog, but do not want to go into competitive work, try the Variety class, which is instructed by Janice Black. This class contains a little bit of everything: getting dogs to carry out exercises at a distance from their handler; teaching the dogs to walk and sit on wooden blocks; longer distance recalls; off lead heeling etc.


Completed Level 1 and Level 2 

Competition Obedience

How about giving competitive obedience a go if you are interested in obedience and are looking for extra stimulation for you and your dog.

One-on-one training will be designed to your requirements and the level you are competing; points covered may be: close heelwork, perfect front recall, dumb-bell recall, sit and down stays at a distance, right-hand and left-hand recalls, send aways, distance control etc.

Competition obedience exercises are designed for people who want to teach their dogs higher-level skills, such as those needed to compete in obedience competitions and to earn titles and degrees such as those offered by the Dogs New Zealand


Completed Level 2 and interested in Competition Obedience
Subject to instructor availability
If you are interested in competition obedience training, please.