Agility is a game of speed and control. You need to cultivate and harness your dog’s enthusiasm and train it to respond to your physical and verbal cues to negotiate obstacles in the correct order successfully.

At a competitive level, dogs and handlers are required to complete the sequence of obstacles or ‘course’ within a set time limit, in the correct order and without making any mistakes.

In Agility classes, obstacle and handling skills are introduced and refined in the beginners classes.

In contrast, the advanced classes concentrate on perfecting the skills needed for trialling and enhancing the teamwork between the dog and handler.


To start Agility training at the Taupo Dog Club, your dog must be at least 12 months of age and pass an Agility intake assessment. This test consists of essential fitness and weight assessment and a demonstration of your dog’s ability to remain under effective control off-lead in the presence of unfamiliar dogs and people.

All training occurs off-lead; good handler focus and a reliable recall are essential.

Successful completion of a Level 1 and 2 classes at the club (or the equivalent at another dog training club) is required to apply to start Agility training. This requirement does not apply for a dog that has undertaken Agility training at another club, although an Agility intake assessment may still be required.

Agility training is conducted at the club on Thursday evenings