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Term 3 will commence 23 July, registrations are now open



Training Registration

Our classes fill up quickly, so don’t hesitate to complete our online registration form when our next term opens.  If you have any issues please email – help@taupodogtrainingclub.org.nz

Meet Your Instructors

Our instructors are active in dog-related activities, dog obedience competitions, dog sports and conformation shows; more importantly, they have a passion for the dog and handler relationship and are happy to share that knowledge.

Training and Classes

Our club goal is to provide affordable dog training classes, with knowledgeable instruction, for handlers who want to train their dog at any level. Obedience classes follow the NZ School term

We have a passion for dogs!

Building relationships, strengthing focus, enhancing human and dog bond.

That’s what dog training classes are about, a positive learning environment for dogs and their people – we hope you will join us.

Turangi Taupo dog training

Dog Obedience

Variety Classes

Puppy Classes

Why not become a member?

Taupo dog training cub is all about promoting responsible dog ownership; on our website; you will find information about club governance, becoming a club member, club rules, and our weekly practice sessions.

Canine Good Citizen

Puppy Program


Obedience training

Obedience Shows

Competition Obedience intends to establish a solid and positive relationship between a dog and its handler. It can be mentally stimulating for both the dog and the handler, TDTC runs a DogsNZ Competition Obedience show; check out our events calendar for details. If you are interested in Competition Obedience, see our Obedience page.

Canine Good Citizen Assessments

The Canine Good Citizen program brings a dog and its handler up to a gold standard of behaviour for dogs in our communities. DogsNZ assessment for CGC evaluates dogs in a relaxed testing environment where a dog can work through Foundation, Bronze, Silver and then through to Gold. Here at TDTC, we run up to two assessments per year; if you are interested in joining our CGC class or checking Assessment dates, see our calendar. 

Agility Shows

Challenging the dog and the handler, the sport of Agility requires you to work as a team to negotiate a series of obstacles as fast as you can. Here at TDTC we host an official DogsNZ Agility show; check out our calendar for the dates. If you are interested in Agility, it may be an excellent time to come along and watch, even better, volunteer! 

Dogs are not our

whole lives 

but they make our

lives whole.