Code of Conduct

Firstly welcome to Taupo Dog Training Club and secondly remember that we are training YOU to train YOUR dog. Below please find a Code of Conduct that applies to all classes on all training nights.

  • Please respect your instructor and your class mates and if you are going to be late or are not able to come at all please call or text your instructor to let them know.


  • Try and arrive to class 10 or so minutes early so you can give your dog a chance to go to the toilet and familiarise themselves with the area. The toileting area is outside the wooden fenced training area.


  • Please make sure you bring all that is required for a training class, i.e. collar/halti, leather or cloth lead (not a chain one), toys and/or treats and ALWAYS carry with you a poo bag and your dog’s registration tag.


  • After you have arrived and toileted your dog please remain in the outer fenced area until your class commences. DO NOT come wandering across the training grounds as there are other classes training in this area and they do not need the distraction.


  • If you have other family members with you on the night please make sure they remain sitting quietly on the side-lines and DO NOT interfere with the class in any way. This is to ensure that your dog’s training goes smoothly and that you and they are able to take in all the instruction you are receiving without distraction.


  • PLAY – this is an important element in your training. Playing with your dog in between exercises helps to focus YOUR dog on YOU and makes training easier. If your dog is rewarded for doing what you are asking them to do then they are more likely to want to do more with you.


  • In regard to the above PLAY means playing with you NOT the other dogs in class. Please do your socialising (with the exception of Puppy Class) before or after your class, NOT during it.


  • Questions – do not be afraid to ask your instructor questions during your training time. Even if it seems obvious ask it as someone else in your class may well be wondering about the answer to the same obvious question. Your instructors are there to help you in any way they can.


  • If you have a problem in your class that you and your instructor are unable to solve please come and see either Diane Houghton (the Obedience Co-Ordinator and Instructor) or Gary Houghton (Club President and Instructor). Between us we should be able to solve any problem thrown at us.


  • Please respect the right of others to enjoy the club’s facilities and services to the fullest extent


  • Interact with each other in a courteous manner and refrain from behaviours that undermine the wellbeing of other members and their pets.



  • If you abide by the above Code then training will be an interesting and informative place to come and please above all ENJOY your dog and take pleasure from being able to be with them and other like-minded people in a place where you and your dog are always welcome.


  • Members’ dogs must be at least 12 weeks of age and fully vaccinated with core vaccines – covering parvovirus and hepatitis – as well as vaccinated against kennel cough.  Current vaccination certificates must be sighted before a dog may attend a class for the first time and at any subsequent time on request.  Homeopathic alternatives are not accepted.


  • Dogs must not be brought on to the club grounds if they are suffering from any infectious or contagious illness or condition of if they have been in contact with an infectious or contagious dog until cleared by a veterinarian.  Proof must be provided on request.