At the TDTC, we have a long and proud history that spans generations. From the early days to the present, our members have come together with their four-legged friends in search of community, training and camaraderie!

But who was here before us?

In our club rooms hangs this picture, have you ever wondered who this person is?

Nola Calder

This is Nola Calder and her dog Rocky!

Sire: Tamatea Ringside Gossip
Dam: Ch Tarahanga Top Cat
Breeders: S & D Rowlands & P Plimmer

Nola–a beloved figure, and in 1995 wrote an article about her Smooth Fox Terrier as part of her commitment to advocating on behalf of the breed through New Zealand’s Fox Terrier Association newsletter ‘The Ratler’.

Here is her words…. 

This puppy was chosen seven years ago. I lifted him from the box he had travelled to Taupo in and he stood and wagged his tail which rarely stopped. A very enthusiastic fellow. 

We enrolled at Taupo Canine Obedience Club when he was old enough and started the first basic course. I went to learn, he went to be social. We comprised and he finally gained his first obedience qualification CDX being highest qualifier at N.D.O.A. in Tauranga 1990. Obedience was not his forte, we switched to Agility. He loved running free and enjoyed all the obstacles to be manoeuvred at speed. He needed four clear rounds in the AD courses for qualification and became ADX in 1992. We kept on with agility but also started trials. This is a combination of tracking, obedience and agility. He has his U.D.X the last pass being on highest points. We hope to go further with tracking working towards this. 

He was on television with the Tux Wonder Dog Series and recently in the winning Taupo Flygility Team. He is the only fox terrier registered with N.Z.K.C to hold any, let alone all three qualifications. Everything hasn’t just fallen into place as all terrier handlers will know. We have spent many hours together having long walk, playing, swimming in the lake and having happy training sessions. He is a great companion, and better known in the dog circles as Rocky the Terrier from Taupo. 

Nola Calder 


In Obedience, Stargazer of Scanden, a smooth fox terrier owned by Nola Calder, gained his CDX ADX UDX and WDX. A great achievement for a Smooth fox terrier

Taupo Dog Club History
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The original article and images provided by the Fox Terrier Association and Pat Plimmer / Secretary – with Thanks.