Competition Obedience


Want to get a little bit more from your canine mate than just sit, down, wait or walk nicely.

Are they smart, always needing that extra stimulation. Well how about giving competitive obedience a go. Yes you still do sit and downs and waits and walking nicely on lead but this is now converted to a close heelwork position on your left leg, waiting until they are called and then coming into a perfectly straight sit beside you and then being sent around to another perfectly straight side beside you, adding in going out to get a dumb-bell and bringing it back in a timely fashion along with sit and down stays that lengthen in time the further up the competitive ladder you go.

Adding to this there are right-hand and left-hand recalls, sendaway, scent work and distance control, along with fast and slow pace and out of sight stays. Interested, well talk to Bill Moffat, the trainer of this class, about giving it a try, you may just surprise yourself.


Bill Moffat

I have been involved with the Taupo Canine Obedience Club aka Taupo Dog Training Club as it is now known for 20 years or so on and off.

I started with the club myself in the domestic classes with a Lab/Ridgeback bitch called Lace ADX. Obedience wasn’t her thing but agility definitely was with her first ever competition won in Starters against around 120 dogs at the Taupo Agility Champ Show and from then on she never looked back always coming home with a ribbon and biccies/vouchers etc from every event that we entered.

Once Lace ADX passed over the Rainbow Bridge I then got into competitive obedience with a black Siberian Husky/Border Collie (Sibe-Bords as they are better known) dog named Cheetah (Karuz Like a Cheetah CDX). I started at Special Beginners and we worked our way up and into Test B and also completed CDX with him before he retired. At present I am occasionally competing with Bondi, (Karuz the Sydney Beaches CGCF), once again a Sibe-Bord and Cheetah’s half brother, at Test B level and bringing along my young dog Charley, (Kincardine Steal The Show), a 4 year old Blue Merle Border Collie, at Novice level and now also competing with him in Agility (back to where I started per se.)

I also instruct at the Club and am presently taking a competition obedience class and it is extremely satisfying watching these dogs develop and their owners enjoyment grow as the dogs become more and more competent at what they are doing. Most of this competence is achieved with a high level of play and the dogs are having so much fun with the play that what they are learning is regarded as play as well so both owner and dog enjoy the class that much more.