Competition Obedience

COMPETITION OBEDIENCE CLASS – Subject to instructor availability

Want to get a little bit more from your canine mate than just sit, down, wait or walk nicely.

Are they smart, always needing that extra stimulation. Well how about giving competitive obedience a go. Yes you still do sits and downs and waits and walking nicely on lead but this is now converted to a close heelwork position on your left leg, waiting until they are called and then coming into a perfectly straight sit beside you and then being sent around to another perfectly straight side beside you, adding in going out to get a dumb-bell and bringing it back in a timely fashion along with sit and down stays that lengthen in time the further up the competitive ladder you go.

Adding to this there are right-hand and left-hand recalls, sendaway, scent work and distance control, along with fast and slow pace and out of sight stays.

If you are interested in competition obedience please refer to the Term Dates and Registration Tab for our coordinators details or to enrol.

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