Membership & Fees

All training classes are $90.00 for a term. 

You become a member of the club when you sign up and complete a full term of training. Once you have become a member you only need to pay a $20 training fee per term for the remainder of that membership year. Members please make sure you are familiar with the Rules of our Club. Membership renewal for existing members is $60 per year or $70 for family membership.

(Handlers under the age of 16 years must seek prior approval from the appropriate coordinator before registering) As a club we strive to ensure that our handlers can maintain control over their dog at all times while at the training grounds, therefore junior handlers will be assessed on a case by case basis each term. 

In order to make your club membership more meaningful, we strongly encourage you to make every effort to involve yourself and your dog in the club activities. Our intentions are to include the interests of all our members and we are always open to new ideas.
TDTC Account No is:  03-0430-0245788-00 
(Please use your name or your dogs name as the reference)

Discounted Training Fees
Our members receive discounted class fees throughout the length of their membership year (June/June) from $90 per term to $20 per term. In exchange for this we ask every member contributes their time to the club where possible, through volunteering at our annual shows or helping at working bees.

Classes and Shows
We are required by Dogs NZ to hold annual obedience and agility shows in order to provide group classes to the local community. For these shows to be successful we require our members help. The shows are also a great way of meeting like-minded people and seeing some of New Zealand’s top obedience and agility competitors. Please ask your instructor how you can help at our next show.

Keeping up to date
Our training terms and class information can be found on our website and you can keep up to date with what is going on in the club by liking and following our Facebook page.


Clubs commitment to members:

  • To communicate with all members.
  • To keep the club social, friendly and comfortable.
  • To treat all club members fairly and equally.
  • To give club members the opportunity to input ideas and provide confidential avenues for the raising of grievances.
  • To support all club members in their dog training goals.
  • Ensure that club decisions are for the benefit of the club.

Member’s commitments to club:

  • To pay fees on time.
  • To be punctual at all training sessions and advise instructors if unable to attend training sessions.
  • To help provide assistance at annual agility and obedience shows.
  • Participate in club functions, fundraising and working bees when required.
  • To be understanding of the clubs commitment to Dogs NZ.
  • To take responsibility for the care of the club and its equipment.
  • Take responsibility for the care of your dog’s health and well-being.
  • To commit to the club’s core values, mission and rules.