Basic Obedience Class

Classes are held on Tuesday evenings 

The following list is a guideline of what you will be taught and assessed on in the Basic Obedience Class and includes the Canine Good Basic training also.

  • Treat Taking – dog must be able to take a treat gently without snatching from an open hand
  • Name Recognition – dog must respond straight away to its name
  • Sit – dog will sit automatically
  • Sit stay (30 seconds) – dog will sit and stay while owner walks away and stands in front of dog
  • Play (with handler) – playtime with owner without dog becoming aggressive
  • Watch – dog must look into owners eyes
  • Targeting – dogs must target owners hands on command
  • Food Manners – dog must sit and wait whilst food is put down and not eat until released by handler. Dog must also sit while owner eats without begging.
  • Collar Hold – handler to hold dogs collar and walk a few paces without dog wriggling
  • Controlled walk with turns – walk on loose lead
  • Grooming – Handler must be able to check dog all over inc mouth. Instructor should be able to check most areas but not mouth.
  • Down – dog must go down on command
  • Down stay (1 minute) – dog will stay down while owner walks away and stands in front of dog for 1 minute
  • Recall – dog told to wait while handler walks away turns then calls dog, dog comes and sits in front of owner
  • Sit to stand – dog should stand from the sit on command

(Handlers under the age of 16 years must seek prior approval from the appropriate coordinator before registering) As a club we strive to ensure that our handlers can maintain control over their dog at all times while at the training grounds, therefore junior handlers will be assessed on a case by case basis each term.