Basic Obedience Class


Classes are held on Tuesday evenings

The following list is a guideline of what you will be taught and assessed on in the Basic Obedience Class and includes the Canine Good Basic training also.

 Name recognition: Dog must respond to their name

 Treats: Dog must take a treat nicely

 Collar grab: The handler must be able to grab their dogs collar and move the dog a short distance while their dog remains calm

 Acceptance of other dogs: The dog is accepting of the presents of other dogs

 Controlled walk: Have your dog walk at a heel with a loose lead and change direction whilst doing so

 Sit & Down

 Stays: Down stay for 1 minute while you walk away 5-10 paces

 Recall: Dog to wait while you walk away 5-10 paces, turn and when requested by instructor, call the dog to sit in front of you

 Examination: Dog to remain quietly beside handler and not present timid or aggressive type behaviours, such as growling, cowering away, hiding behind handler, biting, lunging or jumping while someone approaches and examines your dog’s ears, eyes, mouth, paws, tail and body.

 Responsible ownership: The handler must be able to answer 5 standardised questions regarding responsible dog ownership correctly.

(Handlers under the age of 16 years must seek prior approval from the appropriate coordinator before registering) As a club we strive to ensure that our handlers can maintain control over their dog at all times while at the training grounds, therefore junior handlers will be assessed on a case by case basis each term.